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10 Little Known Facts About George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Aerial view of the gardens at George Washington's Mount Vernon.

1. George Washington thought of himself first as a farmer and devoted his life to the improvement of American agriculture.

2. Did you know Washington died of a throat infection after riding through a wet and snowy wintry mix several days earlier?

3. Inside the Mansion, the study was where Washington spent most of his time.

4. In 1929 the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Associated erected a memorial to enslaved people buried at the estate- the first of its kind in the nation.

A large porch with pillars and a row of chairs overlooking the lawn and river at George Washington's Mount Vernon.

5. In 1772 alone, the estate’s fishing operations gathered 1.3 million herring and more than 11,000 shad.

A barrel of George Washington Distillery rye whiskey laying on its side in a brick room.

6. George Washington operated what was once the largest whiskey distillery in America.

7. In 1798, The Washingtons had over 677 guests at the Mansion.

8. In the early 20th century, Henry Ford donated the Association's first fire engine, and Thomas Edison designed and installed the Mansion's first electrical system.

A family of five touring the property of George Washington's Mount Vernon.

9. Onsite you’ll find the Museum and Education Center which displays more than 500 objects in seven galleries.

The exterior of the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant at dusk.

10. One of George Washington’s favorite meals was hoecakes and honey — a flat cake made of cornmeal mush spread swimming in butter and honey.


George Washington's Mount Vernon

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